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The University of Georgia, Athens, GA                                                                                       

D.M.A. Music Composition, Music Theory minor, 2017.

Dissertation Title: Hexagons: Intersections of Symbolism and Geometry in Harmonics, Pythagoreanism, and Qabalah                                                                                                           

Dissertation Composition: Hexagons: A Cycle of 10 Chamber Pieces, Played by 4 Ensembles


Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ                                                                                        

M.A. Music Theory/Composition, 2013.

Independent Research: “Musica Universalis: From the Lambdoma of Pythagoras to the Tonality Diamond of Harry Partch.” Independent research project written under the direction of Prof. Dean Drummond and Dr. Charles Corey. Published online at Referenced in several online articles by other scholars in the field of Just Intonation.


Thomas Edison State University, Trenton, NJ                                                                                

B.A. Music, 2008


Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA                                                                                                     

Film Scoring Program, 1988-1990


Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

Music Composition Program, 1986-1988



Additional Training

Native American Music and Culture. 11 weeks of training in Native American survival and tracking techniques, spiritual practice and philosophy through Tom Brown’s Tracking, Nature, and Wilderness Survival School, 1995-2003; 4 years of membership in a Cherokee spiritual community founded by David Winston, renowned herbalist and Cherokee medicine priest, which included training as a ceremonial singer for various Native American rituals as well as intensive study of the Cherokee social dance traditions, 2000-2004; 13 years of performance experience in voice/drum ensembles at powwows across the Tri-State area, 2000-2013.

West African Music. 9 years of active study including workshop on djembe drumming with Babatunde Olatunji and Sanga-of-the-Valley, performance experience with drumming ensembles, and facilitation of community “drum circles,” 1994-2003.

Reiki. 4 weekends of intensive training/certifications in the practice of Reiki, a Japanese method of hands-on-healing with subtle energies, including initiation to Master level, 2002-2003.

Formal Consensus. 1 day workshop on the method of Formal Consensus as a process of governance and decision-making for nonprofit organizations, 2008.


Awards and Honors

Pi Kappa Lambdaan American honor society for undergraduate and graduate students and professors of music. University of Georgia, 2017.

Leadership UGAa program for recognition of outstanding student leaders, with emphasis on community, integrity, active citizenship, justice, life-long learning, interculturalism, responsibility, and collaboration. University of Georgia Center for Leadership and Service, Athens, GA, 2017.

Ideas for Creative Exploration, Competitive Research Assistantship, 2014-2016. Arts research, project management, budget management, social media management, grant selection committees. University of Georgia Music Department, Athens, GA.

Interdisciplinary Research Conference, University of Georgia, awarded Best Arts Dialogue, 2015. Presentation of Independent Microtonal Research Project.

4’33” Spotlight on Scholarship Competition, University of Georgia, awarded 1st place, 2014. Just Intonation, microtonal music theory.

Alpha Epsilon Lambda, Honor Society for Graduate Students, Montclair State University, 2013.




Academic Leadership 

Leadership UGAInducted Member. A program for outstanding student leaders to interact with each other and prominent leaders, and to become more aware of the social issues facing the campus, community, and state. University of Georgia, 2016-2017.

Student Composers Association, Vice President, University of Georgia, 2016-2017.

Ideas for Creative Exploration, Graduate Research Assistant. Interdisciplinary arts initiative. University of Georgia, 2014-2016.

Dada Centennial, Artistic Director. Public Multi-Disciplinary Arts Festival; collaborative project by local artists and Departments of English, Theatre, Music, Art, and Ideas for Creative Exploration (ICE). University of Georgia, 2016.

Idea Lab, Treasurer, graduate student-run arts initiative, University of Georgia, 2015-2016.

Idea Lab, Grant Selection Committee, University of Georgia, 2015.




Teaching and Music Education

Brevard CollegeInstructor of Record. Music Theory IV, Music Technology, and Applied Music Composition. Brevard, NC, Fall 2019. Music Theory III, Aural Skills III, and Applied Music Composition. Brevard, NC, Spring 2019. Music Theory IV, Aural Skills IV, and Applied Music Composition. Brevard, NC, Fall 2018.

Warren Wilson CollegeInstructor of Record. Introduction to Music Theory. Swannanoa, NC, Fall 2018.

Rutgers University—CamdenInstructor of Record. Intro to Music Theory. Online course for beginners. Camden, NJ, Spring 2018.

University of GeorgiaInstructor of Record. Music Theory for Non-Majors. Designed to address all levels of prior experience. Athens, GA, 2016-2017.

Odyssey Community SchoolTeacher. Substitute teaching, Music, Grades K-12, Asheville, NC, 2014.

Seven Generations Charter School, Teacher. Expressive Arts, Grades K-4, 2009-2010. Group lessons in Acoustic Guitar and African Drumming for Grades 4-7, 2010-2013. Emmaus, PA, 2009-2013. 

Workshops/Lectures, Teacher. Programs on Overtone Singing, West African Drumming, and Native American Music & Culture; presented at various schools and institutions, including Westfield State College (Westfield, MA), Southampton University (Southampton, NY), Mt. Olive Adult School (Mt. Olive, NJ), and Myhelan Cultural Arts Center (Long Valley, NJ). 1998-2013.

Private Lessons, Teacher. Voice, piano, bass, guitar, and African drumming. At home lessons and various music facilities. NJ and PA, 1998-2013.

Circle of Stones Ritual Theatre Ensemble, Teacher/Director. Music Director/Resident Composer for nonprofit theatre ensemble. All original works, including two major productions (The New Earth, Gilgamesh) and eleven short musicals for children, produced and performed during summer programs. Allentown, PA, 2003-2010.

Pennsylvania Council of the Arts, Teacher. Residencies on Native American music in PA public schools, 2005-2008.





Professional Experience 

First Baptist ChurchAccompanist. Piano accompaniment for choir at Sunday services and special events. Marshall, NC, 2014-present.

DeSales UniversityDance Musician. Provided programmed and/or improvised live music for Ballet and Modern Dance classes. Center Valley, PA, 2006-2013.

Unity of Lehigh ValleyDirector/Accompanist. Music Director for church choir. Responsible for music programming, instruction, direction, and performance. Emmaus, PA, 2006-2013.






Music Research Symposium. Presentation on research paper, “The Pythagorean Table: A Search for a Natural Law of Musical Tuning.” Hugh Hodgson School of Music, University of Georgia, 2017.

Interdisciplinary Research ConferencePresentation on research paper, “Musica Universalis: From the Lambdoma of Pythagoras to the Tonality Diamond of Harry Partch.” Awarded Best Arts Dialogue, Universtiy of Georgia, 2015.

4’33” Spotlight on Scholarship Competition. Just Intonation, microtonal music theory. Awarded 1st Place, University of Georgia, 2014.

Student Research SymposiumPresentation on research paper, “Musica Universalis: From the Lambdoma of Pythagoras to the Tonality Diamond of Harry Partch.” Montclair State University, 2013. 




Performances of Original Works

Pentad, performed by Atlantic Brass Quintet. Thomas Bergeron and Tim Leopold, trumpets; Seth Orgel, horn; Tim Albright, trombone; John Manning, tuba. Mostly Modern FestivalSkidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY, 6/19/19.

Facets, performed by Harry Partch Ensemble. Laure Struber, Chromelodeon I*; Charles Corey, Diamond  Marimba*. University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 4/13/2019

Screenshot, performed by American Modern Ensemble. Sato Moughalian, flute; Tasha Warren, clarinet; Matthew American Modern Ensemble Ward, percussion; Blair McMillen, piano; Esther Noh, violin; Dave Eggar, cello; Martim Sousa-Tavares, conductor. Mostly Modern FestivalSkidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY, 6/8/18.

Babel, performed by Rote Hund Muzik. Soolean Choy, piano; Emily Zirlin, piccolo/flute; Pedro Alliprandini, bass clarinet; Alina Vazquez, cello; Scott Davis, percussion; Taylor Lents, percussion; Bradley Esau, conductor. University of Georgia, Athens, GA, 4/26/17

Hexagons: a Cycle of Ten Chamber Pieces Played by Four Ensembles, performed by Lucas Scalamogna, violin; Daniel Allen, violin; Christopher Williams, viola; Ana Cristina Abrantes, cello; Shawna Pennock, soprano saxophone and conducting; Charlie Young, alto saxophone; Rick Firestone, tenor saxophone; Caroline Halleck, soprano and baritone saxophone; Pedro Alliprandini, clarinet and bass clarinet; Sahada Buckley, violin; Noah Johnson, cello; Greg Hankins, piano; Elitsa Atanasova, viola; Scott Davis, prayer bowls/timpani; Emily Johnson, timpani; Taylor Lents, chimes. Doctoral Dissertation Recital, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, 4/7/17.

Ondine’s Flute, performed by Lindy Thompson, flute. Driftmeier Woods Happening, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, 11/11/16.

Sarabande No. 1, performed by Mackenzie Marr, piano. Student Composers Association Recital: “Shuffle”, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, 10/25/16.

Palindromes, performed by Justin Iadonisi, percussion; Scott Davis, percussion; Taylor Lents, percussion; Nick Martinez, percussion. Student Composers Association Recital: “Full Circle”, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, 12/3/15.

Hexagon X: Kafi, Commedia Dell’arte, Hymn to the World Tree, Sine Qua Non: Godseye, performed by Lucas Scalamogna, violin; Tereska Grynia, violin; Chris Williams, viola; Ana Cristina Abrantes, cello; Shawna Pennock, soprano saxophone; Matthew Huff, bassoon; Quintin Mallette, marimba; Moises Cunha, violin; Greg Hankins, piano; K. Scott Eggert, recorded vocal and electronics. Doctoral Composition Recital: “Tetraktys”, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, 11/11/15.

Hymn to the World Tree: Blues, Hymn to the World Tree: Lament, performed by Moises Cunha, violin; Greg Hankins, piano. Student Composers International Festival, Columbus State University, Columbus, GA, 4/4/15.

Whither Can a Lover Go, performed by UGA Repertory Singers. Joy Meade, conductor. UGA Repertory Singers Spring Concert, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, 3/2/15.

Lenore, performed by Moises Cunha, violin; Alison Blumenthal, piano. Student Composers Association Recital, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, 11/4/14.

Lenore, Ondine’s Flute, Sarabande No. 1, Hexagon VIII: Phrygionian, Commedia Dell’arte, Facets, Linger While Dancing, Musica Mundana, performed by Robert Radliff, violin; Ron Levy, piano; Monika Szumski, flute; Adrianna Mateo, violin; Tina Bouey, violin; Adam Matthes, viola; Bobbie Crow, cello; Owen Davitt, oboe; Devon Tipp, bassoon, Zoomoozophone**; K. Scott Eggert, Chromelodeon I*, Bass Marimba*, overtone singing, rattle; Charles Corey, Diamond Marimba*, Kithara II*, Boo II*; Jon Evers, Chromelodeon I*, Chris Fiore, cello; Andrew Digrius, Bass Marimba*; Christi Leigh Corey, Diamond Marimba*. Master’s Degree Recital, Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ,  12/14/13.

Facets, performed by Harry Partch Ensemble. K. Scott Eggert, Chromelodeon I*; Vince Abbatiello, Diamond Marimba*. Kaleidoscope Student Ensemble Showcase, Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ, 10/4/12.

Gilgamesh, performed by Circle of Stones Ritual Theatre Ensemble. 6 performances, Miller Symphony Hall, Allentown, PA, 7/2009.

The New Earth, performed by Circle of Stones Ritual Theatre Ensemble. K. Scott Eggert, flute, overtone singing, keyboards and percussion; River Guerguerian, flute and percussion; Michael MacCubbin, percussion; Bruce Gaston, violin. 3 performances, Zoellner Arts Center, Diamond Theatre, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, 6/2006.

* Just Intonation instruments created by Harry Partch, kept as part of the Harry Partch Institute.

** Just Intonation instrument created by Dean Drummond, kept as part of the Harry Partch Institute.      





Music Outreach and Civic Engagement 

Seven Generations Charter School, Co-founder. Charter elementary school promoting environmental stewardship. Opened in 2009, school currently enrolls Kindergarten through 8th grade and has over 350 students. Conceived the idea for the school, helped write the charter, took training in Formal Consensus, worked at the school as Expressive Arts teacher and Instrumental Instructor for four years. Emmaus, PA, 2007-2013.

Circle of Stones Ritual Theatre Ensemble, Co-founder. Produced two major original works (The New Earth, Gilgamesh), four festivals and 11 original children’s musicals. Served as Resident Composer and Music Director for all productions. Allentown, PA, 2004-2011.

Just Cause, Co-founder. Nonprofit cultural arts group. Primary activities were drum circles and a yearly festival event called Indian Summer Festival of Music and Healing, designed to promote world music, holistic healing arts, and cross-cultural understanding. Long Valley, NJ, 1995-2003.





Original Compositions


Hexagon IX: Promethean, for string quartet

Hexagon IV: Messiaenic, for saxophone quartet

Hexagon V: Tower Mode, for saxophone quartet

Hexagon VI: Lattice Mode, for saxophone quartet

Centerpieces, for flute, French horn, cello, vibraphone, assorted percussion


Babel, for piccolo, tenor saxophone, cello, piano, marimba, assorted percussion

Said a Blade of Grass, for a cappella chorus (text by Kahlil Gibran)

Sine Qua Non: Godseye, for electronics

Sine Qua Non: Wings, for electronics

Sine Qua Non: Lightbringer, for electronics

Sine Qua Non: Croak & Dagger, for Electronics

Hymn to the World Tree, a sonata in 4 movements for violin & piano

Palindromes, for 4 percussionists

timePIece, for electronics

Analog Study No. 1, for electronics


Hexagon X: Kafi, for string quartet

Commedia Dell’arte, for soprano saxophone, baritone saxophone, marimba


Source, for orchestra

Whither Can a Lover Go, for chorus and piano (text by Baha’u’llah)

Musica Mundanafor overtone singer, cello, Diamond Marimba*, Bamboo Marimba*, Bass Marimba*, Chromelodeon*, Zoomoozophone**

Linger While Dancing, for Kithara II*and Bass Marimba*


Facets, for Diamond Marimba* and Chromelodeon*

Ondine’s Flutefor flute

Lenore, for violin and piano

Sarabande No. 1, for piano

Hexagon VIII: Phrygionian, for string quartet


Hexagon VII: Hijaz Kar, for string quartet

An Odd Turn of Phrase, for amplified violin and 7 percussionists


* Just Intonation instruments created by Harry Partch, kept as part of the Harry Partch Institute.

** Just Intonation instrument created by Dean Drummond, kept as part of the Harry Partch Institute.




Compilations and Recordings

Gilgamesh, theatrical production, Allentown Symphony Hall, 2009

Woven Waysscore for award-winning documentary film, 2008

The New Earth, theatrical production, Zoellner Arts Center, CD, 2006

AkróasisCD of World/New Age/Meditation music, 2003

Speak Your Truth, CD of original folk songs, 1998





Performance Ensemble Experience

UGA Steel Drum Ensemble, percussionist, 2015

Collegium Musicum, vocalist, 2014

ShBoom, vocalist/arranger, 2014

Harry Partch Ensemble, vocalist/instrumentalist, 2011-2013

Connie Eddinger, vocalist/pianist, 2010-2013

Nite-Time, vocalist/pianist, 2003-2011

Scott Eggert Band, vocalist/pianist, 2002-2013

Red Heart Singers, vocalist/percussionist, 2000-2013

Kevin Brennan Bandvocalist/keyboardist, 1999-2004

Kevin Brennan & the Red Road Crusade, vocalist/bassist, 1996-1998

Greed, vocalist/keyboardist, 1993-1995

Hip Mystics, vocalist/pianist, 1991-1993

Black Water Junction, vocalist/bassist/pianist, 1988-1994




Works in Progress 

Hexagons: Intersections of Symbolism and Geometry in Just Intonation, Pythagoreanism, and Qabalah

Dissertation project. A cycle of ten pieces for various chamber ensembles, each composed as a modal study of a particular variety of symmetrical pitch collection. Culmination of a personal philosophy of composition developed over the past ten years. Entire cycle will be performed at UGA in the spring of 2017. Scores accompanied by 80-page essay detailing the composer’s philosophy, exploring connections between modal theory, Just Intonation, Pythagoreanism, the symbolism of hexagonal geometry, and Qabalah.

The Pythagorean Table 

Research project in music theory. The 16×16 Pythagorean Table has been previously written about by composer/theorists Ernst Levy and Siegmund Levarie as a basis for extension of Neo-Riemannian music theory, but only toward applications within the context of our standard 12-tone equal temperament.  This work shall be based on direct experience of the Table by way of the Pythagorean Lambdoma Harmonic Keyboard invented by Barbara Hero, and shall focus entirely on the Table in its original form with Just Intonation tuning ratios, studying the direct connection between Hugo Riemann’s theories, the harmonic series, and acoustics.



1. Dr. Leonard Ball. Composition Professor Emeritus, UGA.

2. Dr. Rebecca Simpson-Litke. Assistant Professor of Music Theory, UGA.

3. Dr. Charles Corey. Director and Curator of the Harry Partch Instrumentarium, Affiliate Associate Professor of Composition at the University of Washington.