Civic Engagement

40770_981275493889_8271497_n“Assessing our Exchange: An Examination of Community Engagement at the Hugh Hodgson School of Music”

by Scott Eggert

Abstract: Musicians know that community enrichment and civic engagement are an inherent part of our jobs, but how do we assess the effectiveness of community programs? This paper not only assesses specific programs according to the express goals of community engagement defined by the Carnegie Institute, but it also offers a theory of success according to a model of social capital for institutions of higher education. The field of music is uniquely poised to make a contribution to the exchange between institutions of higher learning and community enrichment. Yet the contribution must be mindful and open to evaluation.
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Dada Centennial Event: A Model for Civic Engagement

This community event, funded by a grant from Ideas for Creative Exploration at the University of Georgia, provides a model for community-university collaboration. The links below take visitors to press on this event, for which Scott served as Artistic Director.




“Green” Charter School

Founded in 2009 by Eggert and partners, Seven Generations Charter School was a model form of civic engagement, music, environmental understanding, and interdisciplinary education for grades K-5. Any philosophy of music education has to situate a mission of learning and performance within the sociocultural context of the community and the environment. In this charter, written by Eggert and partners, the major precepts of music education are articulated. Skills building, cultural enrichment, and commitment to community and environment are the essential tenets of the music program Eggert developed, based on learning outcomes defined by the Pennsylvania Standards of Music and the American Kodaly Institute.


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