Electronic Music

Electronic music offers substantial opportunities for experimental acoustics and mediations on human relationships to analog, digital, and natural worlds. These three compositions are part of a repertoire of experimental electronic music that Scott developed to explore the shifting relationships between art and tonal technologies. The first, Sine Qua Non: Godseye, contains spoken word, nature sounds, and the Pythagorean Lambdoma Harmonic Keyboard, a Just Intonation instrument invented by Barbara Hero. The second, Analog Study No. 1, was produced in a rather old-fashioned way–on half-track tape using old analog synthesizers, the ARP 2500 and ARP 2600. The third, timePIece, is a meditation on the cyclical and destructive nature of time, and produced entirely from the sound of a ticking wristwatch.


Sine Qua Non: Godseye


Analog Study No. 1



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