Chamber/Choral Music

These pieces are part of Scott’s chamber and choral music repertoire. They represent the thematic and multicultural range foundational to Scott’s approach and developed from his studies of world theater, myth, spirituality, and symbolism. The first, Commedia Dell’arte, is an upbeat and humorous piece for soprano saxophone, baritone saxophone, and marimba. The second, Hymn to the World Tree: Lament, is the third movement of a four-movement sonata for violin and piano–a dramatic piece about death and grief. The third, Whither Can a Lover Go, is a piece for chorus and piano, using a poem by the Baha’i prophet Baha’u’llah for text.



Commedia Dell’arte


Hymn to the World Tree: Lament

To view the score for Lament, click here. HWT III – Full Score.


Whither Can a Lover Go

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