Contemporary Music

WovenWays_coverwordsThese are pieces in contemporary styles, composed and performed in their entirety by Scott and representational of specific social situations and technologies to which music uniquely responds. The first, One Small Step, was written for a children’s musical called Tales of Tenacity, produced by Circle of Stones Ritual Theatre Ensemble, co-founded by Scott in Allentown, PA in 2004. The second, Woven Ways Theme, was for the end title sequence of a documentary by Linda Helm Krapf called Woven Ways, about the community of Navajo rug weavers and the ongoing threat to their water supply by the encroachment of heavy industry. The third, Hermes Pontificates, is a bit of electronic world/groove music, done in an experimental, highly polyrhythmic 15-meter.


One Small Step


Woven Ways Theme


Hermes Pontificates

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