Partch Instrumentarium

These three pieces were composed for the Harry Partch Instrumentarium, the Just Intonation acoustic instruments invented by American composer Harry Partch. These were all produced during Scott’s time with the Harry Partch Institute, during its residency at Montclair State University under the direction of Dean Drummond. The first, Facets, is an instrumental duet for Partch’s Chromelodeon I and Diamond Marimba. The second, Linger While Dancing, is a duet for Partch’s Kithara II and Bass Marimba, recorded live at the memorial concert for Dean Drummond following his death in 2013. The third, Musica Mundana, is a chamber piece featuring Partch’s Diamond Marimba, Bass Marimba, Bamboo Marimba, Chromelodeon I, cello, Dean Drummond’s 31-tone Zoomoozophone, and Scott on rattle and overtone singing.




Linger While Dancing


Musica Mundana

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